A 30 Minutes free class will allow me to meet you and identify your level, needs and objectifs.

And it will allow YOU to know ME, my methodology and my deep pasion about teaching spanish

First of all…let´s see something real! This is how online lessons with me looks like!

(Thank you to my amazing students to let me share some pieces of our nice time together on my web site!)

100% personalized learning program

"Invest in yourself"
If you are reading this then means that you are interested in improve your Spanish current level and communication skills.

Private lessons are for you if at least one of this options fits you : 

– You want to focus on your individual problems and needs

You want to work at your own pace,.

– You need  a flexible schedule.

– you don’t like to work in groups and want the full attention of the instructor

-If you are easily distracted: No worries I will be here to  keep you on task  😉

Now that we are speaking the same language let me tell you how can I help you:

A personalized program MADE for YOU . Do you want to learn how to speak in 1-to-1 settings?How to survive in South-America for a month? improve writing?, learn specific-situations vocabulary?, practice interviewing?, or have all of your errors analyzed and corrected? Homework? No homework?We will talk about all this during our first FREE class and we will see from there!

You will have my full attention on you. I will get to know your communications skills, strenghths and  weakness. We will go more quickly through familiar material and more slowly through new concepts.

Classes are scheduled around your interests and activities and make weekend travel or complicated work schedules  more accessible.

Add­ing a touch of inter­est and fun helps recap­ture focus and increase learn­ing.

We will find YOUR best way to learn and I will add a little bit of my own salt: and magic will happen!


From my experience, 2/3 of people don´t visualize how an online private lesson comes about.

I´m glad to explain to you how ours lessons will be:

Will I have a workbook?

Should I take notes during class?

Can I consult the input used during class when I´m reviewing?

The answer is: GOOGLE DRIVE

My second best friend during class ( the first is you, of course). Google Drive will be our main tool during lessons. We will use it to work together in real time on a shared document. You will have acces to all the contents used in class at anytime.

How do we get connected?

I usually use Skype, Hangouts or Zoom. My favorite is the last one: better connection, a virtual dashboard is included and it allows me to record the lessons( which is an amazing feed back for you).

To 100% optimization of our class time I would recomend you to use a computer or a tablet. Video-phone class is possible but we will be able to use less ressources and we will loose efficacity

Which kind of contents will we use in class?

ANYTHING can be the perfect material to learn Spanish: a newspaper article , a blog, a shortmovie, a book you love, the last movie you have watched, comics, cultural test… like I said ANYTHING that interest you will be perfect to learn with.

If you are a textbook person, no worries I have access to all levels CAMPUS DIFUSION textbooks.

LET´s get started

"There´s never a better time than now to improuve your Spanish communication skills"


Let´s find a topic and talk about it!

Conversation courses is perfect for you if you want

to use and improve your speaking (and listening) skills.



When the time comes to prepare a language academic test, my approach will be noticeably different.

These are the specifities on exam preparation lessons compairing to a 1-on-1 program:

Learn about the DELE or SIELE test procedure and format

Work on your “weak points” concerning all the languages competences.

Learn useful test-taking strategies and skills for  DELE or SIELE Academic tests

Develop your Spanish reading, writing, listening and speaking skills


A 30 Minutes free class will allow me to meet you and identify your level, needs and objectifs.

And it will allow YOU to know ME, my methodology and my deep pasion about teaching spanish

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